As a child I was always fascinated by countries, their culture, history and language. My shyness kept me from talking to people that had traveled to find out things that I was interested in learning. In the mist of me wanting to know and unable to ask people, I realized that people often times stared and read what was printed on a t-Shirt or, for that matter, in any piece of clothing. Next day, I wrote on a white T-shirt that I always wanted to go and visit a city in my country. Some of my friends laughed, mostly because of my awful handwriting, but others gave some positive feedback. Whether because they had been there or they wanted to go as well. Without realizing it, at that point I truly grasped the idea that a T-shirt can actually tell a story and connect ideas and people.

For many years I was unable to find a T-shirt or brand that fit what I liked. I questioned why no one could create a concept that connected cities or countries to my kind of clothing, t-shirts; in a way that wasn’t cartoonist or tourist-like. Then I left my country on a quest to make it big on the greatest country on earth. But I always kept the idea that you could tell a story with a t-shirt.

As the years went by, my dream of creating a brand seemed farther and farther away. Until one day my wife and I forgot that it was heritage day at my son school. Heritage day is special, especially in Miami because nobody HERE is from Miami. My son was supposed to wear something that described his background. During those crazy 5 minutes my wife put on him a Guayabera, a typical Cuban Shirt, and a Peruvian Scarf, it was awful but funny. While taking a photo with my phone I wished I had “2 Flags” so he carried one on each hand and call it a day.

After that day I realized I needed to put more emphasis on his background education or something that he could take not only internally but externally. Something that would remind him from where his heritage comes. So I designed something for him hoping that he wears it and somehow I will be with him on his ups and downs.

My son’s lack of heritage clothing brought about the rebirth on my original idea of t-shirts carrying a message. Hopefully, it will become a brand and it will come to mean to people what it means to me. This brand is about where you come from and where you are going. This brand is about the passion and inspiration from cultures, history and traveling. That same passion is translated on our designs. We want our products to be part of your way of living and part of your journey wherever life may take you.